Our country is endowed with huge resources of many metallic and non-metallic minerals. The mining activities are extremely poorly regulated despite the fact that as early as 1948, the founding fathers of the constitution realized this need. Over 80000 mines operate illegally as against nearly 10000 legitimate leases. Only a third of the legal mines actually report to the Indian Bureau of mines, the regulator. It is in this context that a new bill was introduced in the Parliament in December 2011. The bill, currently under the scrutiny of the Parliamentary Standing Committee, will be soon debated in the Parliament.

This document provides some of the key changes sought by people. The suggestions have emerged from several consultations across the country among the alliance members and other partners. Read More

This reprint of a series of articles appeared in the July 3-6th 2010 issue of Frontline Magazine provides an excellent review of the mining scenario and the context of the new mining bill. This is being released as an accompaniment to our document “Mining Matters” which focuses on the key issues to restore justice in the Mines Minerals Development and Regulation Bill 2011