Struggling to maintain the current fish production, which is falling drastically every year, the vision document of the Fisheries Department paints a grim picture as far as the fisheries promotion is concerned. This despite the fact that cold waters of the state are a natural ground for trout fish.

There is a good potential for promoting riverine fisheries in the state, but the expansion of the hydro power sector has resulted in the shrinking of rivers and streams and high silt levels. Rampant sand mining and indiscriminate use of pesticides have further aggravated the problem.

The bleak future of fisheries is even reflected in the “Vision and Perspective Plan” released by the Department of Fisheries earlier this week.The department is keeping its fingers crossed to even maintain the production of 5,393 tonnes in 2014-15 as it feels that with the commissioning of 294 hydro power projects in the recent years, the downward trend will be difficult to arrest. Read more