To bring together Trade Unions, Farmers, Traders, Students, Youths, Women and Bankers at Grassroot level to discuss what kind of holistic development is needed. It is a dichotomy that Banks are saying there is no credit off take and people are saying they are not getting credit. People are not aware of the schemes of banks and their rights. There is also no supervision of the type of credit given and who it is given, what environmental damages are caused etc.

  • Trade Unions are not getting peoples support as they have not been told the contribution of Public Sector and the TUs.
  • Farmers need new technology, adequate price for produce and dignity. Then only the youth will see farming as a career.
  • Traders depend on moneylenders who charge very high rates and the burden is transformed to the customer. Fair Trade Movement can change the situation.
  • Students do not get loan for their studies as education is so commoditized and 80% of those who pass out of schools do not get opportunity for college education.
  • Youth do not know how to get a credit for self employment or start up and they do not get job. They require guidance. They also have to participate in the local development through the Panchayat Raj Institutions.
  • Bankers have slowly forgotten the developmental role due to change in the policies of Govt after 1991. They keep worrying about NPA only.
  • Women have less access to credit and even SHG loans are diminishing.

Coming together of all these stake holders can bring in a change. It can also bring unity within the society. This will also lead to improved demand for power and finance to Panchayat Raj Institutions. Democratising institutions and abolishing corruption at the lower level will be possible through this alliance of people from different walks of life. It can also create a link between producers, sellers and consumers who will mutually benefit.

AIBOC wishes to initiate the process of realization of this possibility. Environics Trust is the proposed member of the Coordinating committee to be formed within this coalition.  Refer this link for more details: