A program on Gender Samvad will be held on Dec 22 to 24th at Tariyani Chhapra, Sheohar, Bihar. The program would deal on the issue of ‘Gender’ and will mark the culmination of the ‘Ride For Gender Freedom’ which was a gender sensitisation campaign that sensitised over 1.9 million people towards Gender giving them the message of freeing women from violence – RAPE, ACID ATTACK, infanticide, sexual harassment, domestic ill treatment, discrimination etc. The campaign was spearheaded by Rakesh, who cycled 27 kms across 19 States and reached out to people of different socio-economic backgrounds across the country. More details can be found in links provided in the end.

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Note that registration is free, the ‘Ride For Gender Freedom volunteer team’ is not charging for accommodation and food. However, you are free to contribute funds in our crowdfunding page which can be accessed by clicking here.

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