Unseasonal rain and snowfall are impacting agriculture in Himachal Pradesh.

Normal snowfall at the right time is beneficial to winter crops. It helps in root development, preventing soil from getting washed away and other benefits.

Climate change is estranging mountain farmers from their lands, driving youth away from agriculture. There is a major need to amplify farmers’ demands for monetary compensation and crop insurance.

Unseasonal rain and snowfall is the main reason for agriculture failing in Himachal Pradesh. “Hailstorms or torrential rains are usually destructive to our crops while snowfall is not,” said Uma Devi of the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, when speaking to Mongabay-India. However, the post-monsoon heavy snowfall in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jammu and Kashmir, which came in two heavy spells in late September as well as early November 2018, were exceptions, and are now attributed to exacerbated climate change in the Himalayan region. Tourists were escaping the hot plains and flocking to the mountains to see snowfall. But the snowfall at this time of year was unexpected and is a calamity for the farming communities in these mountainous terrains. Read More