Core Working Team

  • Ramamurthi Sreedhar, Earth Scientist, Institutional Development
  • Nishant Alag, Environmental Planner
  • S.Vanitha, Finance and Rural Enterprises
  • Mohit Gupta, Occupational Health and Information Management
  • C. R. Gunasekhar, Independent Consultant, Behavioural Studies
  • Pooja Gupta, Research Associate
  • Bharti Roy, Enterprise Development and Marketing Manager
  • Shefali Sharan – Research Associate
  • Alisha Khan – GIS Specialist
  • Aman Pathak – GIS Specialist
  • Santosh Kumar – Research Associate
  • Sunil Hembram – Research Associate
  • Raihanul I Sarkar – Lab Management
  • K K Premarajan- Office Associate
  • Yousuf Beg, Community Organizer
  • Sandeep Minhas, Natural Resource Management
  • Vijay Singh Chauhan, Mechanical and Hydro-power Installations
  • Dr Ramesh Pant, Prof B.D.Nagchoudhuri Fellow on Environmental Management
  • Neeraj Doshi, Finance and Governance
  • Neetu Thakur, Librarian
  • Ramashankar Prajapati, Field Associate
  • Shashi Nandan Kishore, Office Management
  • Vinod Kumar, Office Management
  • Bostam Barman, Transport and Logistics
  • Abishek Sharma, Office Management

Professional Associates

    • Chandrasekhar Hariharan, Economics, Journalism, Enterprise Development
    • Hem Gairola,¬†Coordinator, Himalayan Community Forestry Centre
    • Prof Vir Singh, GB Pant Agricultural University
    • Ritwick Dutta, Advocate and Environmental Activist, LIFE, New Delhi
    • Siddharath Sah, Advocate, Uttaranchal High Court, Nainital
    • Govindanand Semwal, Governance and Village Enterprises
    • Mukesh Ray, Climate Change
    • Nikki Nirvikalpa, Film Maker, Circa Films
    • C.Sriram, Director, Creative Creations, Chennai
    • R.Ganesh, Microbiologist, Hyderabad
    • Puneet Kishor, GIS and Community Commons Expert



About Environcs Trust

Environics Trust is a not for profit research and community development organisation and an enabling institution. Environics conducts participatory research on issues of environmental and human behavior and uses these outcomes for innovative community development programmes. Environics provides research and evaluatory services to International, National, State and Local Institutions and directly works with marginalised communities such as those in the mountain regions, tribals and communities adversely affected by mining and industrialisation

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