Research body devises 4 steps for clean water

Chennai: To demonstrate that industrial effluents and sewage can be treated by natural methods and reused for irrigating aqua and agricultural farming, the M S Swaminathan Research Foundation has innovated a four-step biotreatment method. The project is part of 'Water 4 Crops', an Indo-European collaborative project executed as twin projects, 'Water 4 Crops-EU' and 'Water 4 Crops-India'.

As one of the 14 consortium partners of India, MSSRF has designed low-cost technologies for treating wastewater from sugar and distillery units of KCP Sugar and Industrial Co-operation Ltd in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. After discovering that wastewater from effluent treatment plants in the KCP sugar unit contained toxins beyond permissible limit for use in aqua and agro farming, MSSRF began the project in 2013. Since 2014, sugarcane farmers have been using water from the bio-treatment plant for irrigation. Read more

Courtesy: The Times of India

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