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EIA Resource and Response Centre  (eRc) eRc is a Resource and Response Centre that keeps a watch on the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) processes and ensures that the impact of developmental activities on India’s Environment and Communities is properly accessed and accounted for. The Environment Impact Assessment Resources & Response Centre was established in the year 2007, in response to the felt need to keep a watch, as well as to challenge, Environment Impact Assessment-EIA reports which are based on inadequate and improper assessment of the impacts of proposed developmental activities on natural India including, wild flora and fauna, rivers, wetlands etc.  OBJECTIVE:

  • Keeping a close watch and challenge the EIA reports those are based on inadequate and improper assessment of developmental activities on the environment and communities.
  • Acting as an independent resource and response centre to the issues of urgent environmental concerns, especially for communities and groups impacted by faulty EIA and approvals.
  • Creating a national level database on EIA reports, those are accessible to groups and individuals.
  • Conducting the alternative Environmental Impact Assessment studies in sensitive cases and challenging the faulty EIA.
  • Creating a panel of experts to critique EIA reports in terms of accepted socio-economic and environmental standards, and facilitating a countrywide network of groups and agencies in environmental development.
  • Creating awareness among communities and NGOs about the EIA processes and participating at public hearings.
  • Providing third party assistance to Government Agencies, like Expert Appraisal Committee (in Environmental Clearance issues) and Forest Advisory Committee (in Forest Clearance issues). Read more details