India leads world in informal employment

Nearly 81% of all employed persons in India make a living by working in the informal sector, with only 6.5% in the formal sector and 0.8% in the household sector, according to a new ILO (International Labour Organisation) report “Women and Men in the Informal Economy…

Civil society groups slam ADB’s support for fossil fuel projects

Civil society groups held a protest rally anew on Friday at the gates of Asian Development Bank (ADB), calling for the financial institution to rethink its fossil fuel energy policies and strategies, which they likened to dirty energy policy.” The lightning rally was…

Inspection of Mines

On the basis of the data provided by various State Governments to Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS) under Ministry of Labour & Employment, 2.3 lakh people employed at various mine sites are estimated to be at the risk of contracting…

Activists stress on clean air

Swati Dey / Tribune News Service / New Delhi, March 20 Greenpeace India, an NGO, held a demonstration outside Badarpur’s National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) plant, as it has been symbolic of pollution in capital for being shut down multiple times everytime the…

Modi renews labour reforms push as jobs regain focus before LS 2019 polls

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has dropped one of the most contentious elements of his proposed labour reforms, paving the way for his long-awaited industrial relations legislation to be introduced to India’s parliament by April 6. Modi has been battling opposition’s…

कम्‍युनिटी सर्विस करके बच जाएंगी नियम तोड़ने वाली कंपनियां, मोदी सरकार ला रही नया कानून

नई दिल्‍ली। आने वाले समय में सोशल सिक्‍योरिटी से जुड़े कानून तोड़ने पर कंपनियों या संस्‍थान को कम्‍युनिटी सर्विस करनी पड़ेगी। मोदी सरकार इसके लिए नया कानून ला रही है। सरकार ने इसके लिए सोशल सिक्‍योरिटी कोड, 2018 का ड्रॉफ्ट तैयार कर लिया है। कोड में इस बात का प्रावधान…



Gender Samvad – final chapter and celebration of ‘Ride For Gender Freedom’



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